Philip Holden


Philip was born in Accrington. Yes, yes…Accrington Stanley…very original.

He has written (and produced) a modern-day mystery play as well as a full length stage play, a radio script, several commercial video scripts and several short stories and poems. Some of his work can be read HERE.

He has been paid to work on stage, on screen and as a disembodied voice…he’s also done it for nothing. His biggest claim to fame was being Rory Bremner’s worst straight man but he has also presented radio, appeared on Children’s TV and juggled live tortoises whilst riding a flaming unicycle.*

    He is currently ‘writing’ –
  • A serious play about an infamous scientific fraud
  • A comic novel about a lost English village
  • A small and slightly academic book about ‘plausibility’ and
  • A radio series about an Edwardian shop owner called Mr Selfish
    • As you can tell, he’s never quite sure what to do next.

    As an academic Philip teaches Social Marketing and is interested in the use of social theory to understand business practices, especially marketing, and has presented at conferences in Europe, America and Australia. He has written two books on marketing, both published by Bloomsbury, one of which was translated into Chinese and neither of which have yet repaid his pitifully small advance.

    Some of this other life is represented at

    Philip lives in Kent with his wife and two of his children, two guinea pigs and a tortoise. He has a writing shed, likes real coffee, good wine and the theatre. His hero might be Stewart Lee…

    *One of these ‘facts’ may not be true.

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