Richard Crosfield


Widely travelled, and having lived in Washington, New York, Bogotá and Madrid, I can report that, in some ways, travelling narrows the mind. So I now consider TW to be the best place to live on Earth.

Fascinated by life in Colombia, I wrote a collection of short stories based on the strange circumstances and society I encountered. Ever since then, I’ve had a love affair with Latin America, and I’ve written two books on the region.

A biography/travel book on Columbus took a fresh look at the manner in which he interacted with indigenous Americans. I followed this up with a travel/historical book on the long cohabitation between the Maya and the Spaniard from 1506 to the present day, as a test case of the ‘Black Legend’ of the Spanish conquest of much of America. It helped that the two most specialised Hispanic libraries were near my home in Madrid, where I lived for thirty years.

My latest book is The Life and Times of the Inventor John Crosfield. For a while I wrote a blog for investors that I abandoned because I found it was overtaxing my little grey cells.

Thanks to the encouragement of kindly souls at the Tunbridge Wells Writers Group, I returned to fiction, which I dabbled in for very many years. I find short story writing and lifting a pint at St. John’s Yard a good therapy for latent arthritis.

Working for twenty years as a volunteer for Amnesty International has given me a heightened respect for the rule of law and the conviction that we, who live in liberal, open societies, should work for the benefit of our fellow men and women who don’t. No doubt this exaggerated sense of righteousness has something to do with my Quaker background.
I have the good fortune to live with Pauline, who shares my interests in literature, Amnesty International, all things Spanish, the Writers Group, travelling and much more.

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