Samuel Marlow


Sam is a screenwriter working in feature-length, short and web serial forms. To date, Sam has written 11 screenplays, including four feature-length scripts, two of which are in pre-production and production.

Sam is the artistic director of the Electric Lantern International Film Festival and became involved with the Tunbridge Wells Writers when they contacted him to produce a collaborative work for the Festival, which became the AudiToury project.

While all his projects have been very different, ranging from comedy and fairytale to tragedy and prison drama, there are recurrent themes in his work. Themes of rebirth and identity feature prominently, as does formal structure. Though many writers consider formal storytelling at best restrictive and and worst derivative, Sam has come to the opinion that it is both liberating and allows for a large amount of narrative freedom. It is a structure that has been in place as long as we have had performance, and seems to reflect and instinctive understanding of story.

Sam writes articles on a semi-regular basis, and has recently been writing short blog entries as time allows. As of 2012, Sam has made attempts to write for the stage, prose, audio drama, and is currently developing a comic miniseries and handful of single-issue comics.

From time to time, Sam is commissioned to write by other people – most recently a “novella” film and a feature film – and works a script doctor and story consultant.

Sams website is at:

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