Sarah Cook


Writing as a compulsion can be medicated (I recommend a good merlot) or embraced, and since “writer” can be a lonely diagnosis a support group is always beneficial. That is why I joined Tunbridge Wells Writers’ and I strongly advise any similarly afflicted persons to do so forthwith.

My particular poison is Crime Fiction. I didn’t pick it, it picked me (flimsy statements like that are a symptom of the aforementioned condition), and I write police procedurals based in Tunbridge Wells. I attempt to do for our sunny Spa town what Rankin did for Edinburgh and reveal its dark side – because I can assure you it exists.

D.S. Vega and I are supported by London based literary agency Gregory & Company and hope to be present in bookstores come 2017. Until that time I intend to haunt local pubs and music venues and generally make a nuisance of myself.

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