Scott Kingsnorth


Hello. I am Scott Kingsnorth. I’m a writer. I write comedy. Sketches mainly. I’ve written for several live shows including Comedy Unit’s Roughcuts performed at Glasgow’s Stand Club and The Works sketch nights performed at Madame Jojo’s, Soho.
In 2008 I co-wrote and appeared in The Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the three-piece sketch troupe called In The Mouth.
I am currently working on my first full-length play, a very dark comedy set in a nuclear bunker. Something I hope to bring to a stage near you in the near future.
Anyway, for the people seeking more personal information please heed the following:
I am an “indoorsy” sort of person, who enjoys good films and the company of his friends. I can name most of the Muppets but can’t tell one car from another. I eat healthy for as long as my pay packet allows. I own a George Foreman grill but mostly use it for cheese toasties. I watch football with the same naïve eyes a dog would use when shown a card trick. I think Paul McGann was the best Doctor Who, and the best pasta comes in tins.


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