Apr 162016


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A TWOFER this week for those who can get the necessary passes, with our regular meet on Tuesday and Read Your Words on Wednesday.

With the deadline for our collaboration with The Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Fair behind us, the main items on the group projects agenda will be the two UNFEST-related events, details of which can be found HERE . This might seem a while away, but these things have a habit of sneaking up on one, so please get submissions for either (or both!) to Carolyn as soon as possible so she can liaise with the Forum and Museum to get the live events organised.

Talking of deadlines, a reminder for all who read at Fright Nights II and III that I need your stories ASAP if we’re going to get them proofed, edited and formatted for the proposed e-book launch in September. Just bung them across to me via DMs on Facebook. The House Style Guide tells you how to set ’em out, and either Word doc or docx (or equiv for OO users) are the standard file types. Never EVER EVER submit PDFs, because as far as editing goes they’re a non-starter!

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Oct 312015

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For those who couldn’t make it our commiserations: last week’s Fright Night was a resounding success boasting no less than fourteen readers, each offering their own unique take on the traditional Halloween tale. There were ghosts, ghouls and goblins a-plenty, and even the odd gnome thrown in for good measure.* In addition to the readers we had a good sized audience packed into the room too, and came dangerously close to running out of seating despite (not so) discretely acquiring additional chairs from the ‘library’ and restaurant areas, which following our raids were so denuded of bottom-accommodating furniture that punters were forced to stand while gobbling their grub. Silly things, had they but realised they could have slipped in to listen too, and fed themselves up on cake and chocolate and other festive treats free of charge. Don’t tell the management… 😉  Continue reading »

Oct 272015

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It’s Tonight!

And just to make it even more scary I used Comic Sans to announce it – that will have sent a shiver down the back of every budding graphic designer looking in!
For those not yet up to speed (what have you been doing with yourselves? *tsk*) details of what, when and where can be found HERE. Fiendish Fun starts at eight, all comers welcome. Fourteen readers at last count – let’s hope none get grabbed by the ghosties or ghoulies while making their way to the venue. It’s no fun getting grabbed by the ghosties… …ghost

Oct 172015


Well I never! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? And oh what fun we’ve been having!

Continuing in the same fun vein the Tunbridge Wells Writers will be meeting again on Tuesday at the usual time and place (function room of St John’s Yard from 8:00pm onward) for the second of their ‘formal’ meetings, which will include a talk about Social Media and Blogging from new(ish) member James Ferrett.

If time there will probably be a bit of a reading and feedback session too, but there’s all sorts of other stuff up for discussion, including some brainstorming regarding the possibilities for our annual online Christmas event and Scott Kingsnorth’s Comedy Sketch Workshop coming up in four week’s time. Justin Richardson will also be initiating a new group project, but I won’t steal his thunder by announcing it here.

ghostFinally, and approaching far more quickly even than the items mentioned above, we come to our Halloween Fright Night, which is happening (ghosties, ghoulies and gremlins willing) on the 27th. We have fourteen (yes, fourteen – count ’em!) readers lined up so far, so it’s only fair to warn at this stage that anyone who has left it to this point to put their name forward may find they’ve shot themselves in the foot. That said, we will of course, do our best to accommodate all comers if time and those aforementioned ghosties, ghoulies and gremlins will allow. It’s going to be a good night, so be there or be disappointed. Fancy dress optional, good spirits* compulsory.

*If you will excuse the pun.


Sep 212015

Well, it’s been an extremely busy and productive fortnight for the Tunbridge Wells Writers, what with no less than EIGHT new members pitching up for our first meet of the new writing season, and the hardcopy launch of Something in the Water at Waterstones: a resounding – and sellout – success, as the pictures below show. Not one copy of the book left, so the Kent Library System will have to wait a bit before they get theirs!

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cover 3 medium dropIf you fancy treating yourself to a “proper” hardcopy book just click on the image to the right and you will whizz by the magic of t’internet to our Amazon page where you can purchase your very own copy.

But enough of past glories, what’s happening this week I hear you ask?  Well, we’ve two outings this week, the first in the form of our regular fortnightly meetup at St John’s Yard and the second being another Read Your Words at Javabean cafe… Continue reading »

Sep 052015

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Brrrr… Bit nippy, ennit? Which only goes to emphasise, I suppose, that summer, at least as far as skool holidays go, is officially over. Which by extension means that the Tunbridge Wells Writers’ summer recess is over too and that it’s time to get back down to business. And what a lot of business there is!

First and foremost, then, our first “official” meetup of the new writing year will be happening on Tuesday: Usual time (8:00pm), usual place (St John’s Yard), and the usual mix of lively discussion with a smattering of readings and feedback. Subsequent meetings will be held fortnightly, and will alternate between informal meetings as above and more formal gatherings offering (e.g.) workshops, guest speakers, and structured writing tasks and objectives. It’ll probably take us a while to settle into the new routines and there will, of course, be a great deal of crossover, but it is hoped that all members will bear with us during the transition and benefit from the proposed changes.

cover 3 medium dropJust 23hrs after the start of that meet (that’ll be 7:00pm on Wednesday the 9th for those of you struggling with the maths!) we will be embarking on our first ever hard-copy Book Launch at Waterstones in Calverley Road. Full details of the event can be found HERE, and we hope to see many of you there. Continue reading »

Nov 042014


A bit late out of the traps with this heads up on account of the extra Halloween meetup last week throwing me into a complete state of confusion. It doesn’t take much…

Anyhoo, our Halloween Fright Night was a resounding success, with 13 Readers (Woooo! Cross your fingers, close your eyes and spit three times all you triskaidekaphobics!) and around 20-25 writers and guests in total. Lovely to see some new members in the mix, and to say hi again to a few who hadn’t previously caught up with us at the new venue.

As always picture taking was rather overlooked in favour of drinking and chatting, and the few that were taken were not of the highest standard. Apologies, then, for the poor quality of the slideshow below, but it is included for reference and to remind members that if they want decent pics they have to take ’em! They don’t grow on trees, you know. Pics courtesy of the various facebook posters I nicked them from – i.e. Carolyn Gray, Jess Mookherjee, Kat Ray and your’s truly.

So… we’ll be at St John’s Yard from 8:00pm onward, and we would love for you to join us if the fancy takes you. See you there.

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Oct 202014

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Well as you can see from the above banner we’re sticking with the Halloween theme this week. And why the hell (Mwahahahaha) would we not when we’re only a week away from our EXTRA SPECIAL Halloween meetup in only, erm, a week’s time?! We would be absolutely daft not to. Ennit. As you would be to miss it.

Anyhow, as you can imagine, next week’s spooky shenanigans will undoubtedly be a main point of discussion when we gather tomorrow, but there will be heaps of other stuff going on too, including further musings on this year’s Christmas project and our annual piss up dinner. It’s all go at Tunbridge Wells Writers!

books 3If you’re a writer of any kidney, or even an I-quite-like-the-idea-of-writing-but-never-seem-to-get-round-to-it wannabe, and you live close enough to Tunbridge Wells for it to be feasible why not join us tomorrow from 8:00pm onwards at St John’s Yard and see for yourself what all the fuss is about?Alternatively, if listening and/or reading is more your bag, feel free to join us next week for the Fright Night readings and to download the trio of books (including last year’s Fright Night stories) available for FREE (what? Yes you heard me! Absolutely gratis!) from our Smashwords page by clicking on the image on the right.

Oct 032014

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Well it’s that time again, folks… Another fortnight has positively whizzed by and we’ll be meeting again on Tuesday at our new venue, St. John’s Yard, from 8:00pm until probably quite late. The old faithfuls have settled in nicely, thank you, and we’ve also attracted a goodly number of newbies with more pledging to join us as soon as they can find gaps in their busy schedules. Which is nice. If you’re a writer type of any kidney living in or around Tunbridge Wells and you haven’t taken the plunge yet, please do – we’d love to meet you.

halloween cover new smallOne thing we’ll definitely be discussing on Tuesday is our special extra meeting for Halloween night on the 28th. This will be our second Halloween Special, and we hope it will be even bigger and better than the amazing turnout we had last year. Over the next two weeks we will be penning our 1000 word(ish) horror stories, ready for reading on the night. This is an ‘open door’ for anyone who fancies coming along to read and/or listen, and is a perfect evening for introducing yourself if you haven’t been able to make it to one of the regular meets. If you fancy a bit of Fancy Dress or Goth Glamour you won’t find yourself alone, so feel free to chuck on a Bride of Chuckie hairpiece or parade yourself in a Pennywise clown outfit as you see fit. Just don’t be upset if nobody notices, eh, Ms Gray?

In other Halloween News we have just launched our third e-book, the collected stories from last year’s Halloween bash. It’s available NOW from Smashwords in formats to suit all e-readers, and even as a PDF file if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat. Just like our previous books this one’s totally FREE, and you can download it by clicking on the cover image on the right. So do it now, before you forget… Or the boogeyman will get you…


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