Aug 042017

As our last meeting was our Flash Fiction reading night our next meeting (Tuesday 8th) will be a nice, relaxed affair with nowt on the agenda but networking and social. Lovely! As the short story collection is now well into the editing phase Justin has suggested that those interested could have a chat about marketing strategies, so there will be a bit of that going on too!

For those who couldn’t make the Flash Fiction night Kat has produced a pdf file containing contributions, which is available for GROUP MEMBERS from our facebook page. We’ve restricted access to this particular collaboration because some members felt they might want to submit their stories elsewhere and didn’t want to fall foul of any copyright requirements, but for non-members who might be interested there is a wealth of FREE material available from Smashwords. Aren’t we generous?

IN OTHER NEWS: Mentioned briefly at the last meet but with only sketchy details available, a WORD UP poetry slam has been announced for Wednesday August 16th at Tunbridge Wells Forum. The headliner is three time world champion slam poet Buddy Wakefield, with support from some local poet you’ve probably never heard of…

May 302016

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Yes, the next Tunbridge Wells Writers meetup is TOMORROW (Tuesday 31st May 2016). If you are reading this on Tuesday 31st May 2016 then it’s TODAY, so you had best get a wriggle on! If you’re reading it any time after the 31st May 2016 then have a look at the event calendar to see when the next one is…

We have had an incredibly busy and successful UNFEST, both in terms of the TWWs collective slot at the Museum/Art gallery on Saturday and as part of Word Up (kind of 😉 ) an hour or so later at the Forum. If I can blow a personal trumpet for a moment, the ‘stuff’ conceived by FESTFICTION (Carolyn Gray, Peppy Scott, blue arsed flySelf) for Perk and Pearl has been very well received, and Postcards from the Hedge has gathered momentum steadily in the Forum Garden. We’ve had some excellent bits and bobs, and look forward to sharing them somehow and somewhere sometime. You meet some really interesting people at TWWs – who knows where that might lead? Certainly to MORE TWWs at Unfest if nothing else. Continue reading »

Mar 052016


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Well, another fortnight has positively whizzed by and another meetup beckons. Not entirely sure what’s on the menu this time round, but there will almost certainly be a few readings at the head of the evening (5-10 mins max, please readers!) with feedback. More news on that and some ideas for a more in-depth feedback group on the night!

Wednesday, of course, sees another Word Up happening at the Forum. Some of us will be going for the double (two nights out in a row – heaven forfend!), both as “Slammers” (It’s not a genre, you know, it’s a movement…) and as clappers-but-not-whoopers in the audience. A bit of a Ladies Night this time round with headliners Sophia Walker and Sea Sharp, but none the worse for that I’ll warrant.

I’ve heard on the grapevine that there may be other exciting news from Carolyn Gray, but as she’s keeping mum until Tuesday I can offer nothing more than this tantalising teaser. It’ll probably be extremely interesting, though. Probably.

Finally, a quick reminder that the NEXT meet on March 22nd will be a (slightly) more formal affair, with a presentation from Glyn Harper on Planning & Structuring a Novel to kick off the action.

WORD UP MARCH 2016Well that – save any surprises I’ve not been told about – is about it for this week, but once all of the above meat has been taken care of we will be regrouping for the tasty dessert that is general chit-chat on all things literary and non-literary, stopping off at all points between.

If you’re a writery type living in or around Tunbridge Wells please feel free to join us. You’ll find us in the bar from around 8:00 and in the Library room from about 8:15 onward. Just click on the meetup date on the event calendar for full directions to St John’s Yard.

Sep 222014

poetry night


Well, here we are again on the eve of another TWW meet up, and what an eventful fortnight it’s been! We had a wonderful evening of poetry and prose readings at Javabean cafe last week with several new readers gracing the ‘stage’ (that’s the floorspace at the end of the counter by the door leading to the loos for anyone who hasn’t been to one of our Javabean meets) as well as some old favourites. And me. A good night was had by all, a good few units of alcohol were shifted, and we all agreed we must do it again again very soon. But probably not until after Christmas because we’ve got so much lined up before then we would never squeeze it all in.

Last meetup was our first at our new home, St Johns Yard, and very lively and exciting it was too. The venue is great, we had several first timers join us for, erm, the first time, and, as per usual a good time was had by all and a good few units of alcohol shifted. We also discussed all our major plans for writer’s retreat jollies, e-book launches, spooky Halloween reading nights and our Christmas project. See what I mean about never squeezing it all in?

Anyhoo… We’re at it again tomorrow night from 8:00pm onwards. If you’re a writer / would be writer living in or around Tunbridge Wells and you fancy joining us we would love to see you. You don’t need to bring anything to read – the meetups are more about networking and mutual support – but as you have just read there are loads of projects and things going on if you do want to flex your writing muscles and show us your literary guns.

This is where we will be:

Jul 282014

Firstly, an apology for anyone who tried to view the site over the past couple of weeks and found an error message instead of a website – we’ve been having some plugin woes and what with people being on holiday it took a while to get them sorted. Anyhoo, we’re back now and hopefully stable for the foreseeable future!

Last week we had one of our Read Your Words evenings at Javabean cafe. It was a somewhat quiet affair compared to our previous turnouts, but an enjoyable and entertaining evening none the less. What with holiday absentees and other commitments there were only six readers this time round, but what was lacking in quantity was certainly more than made up for in quality. Even better, we had two Read Your Words virgins showing their colours, in the shapes of Justin and Peppy. And excellent they were too, with Justin reading excerpts from his delightfully dark work-in-progress novel while Peppy offered a poetic and snarky fly-on-the-wall exposé of a wine fueled ‘girls night in.’ Nuff said to say a good night was had by all, and we hope to squeeze another Read Your words in between now and our ‘Halloween Fright Night’ in October. Keep an eye on the events calendar for details.

But back to business – what of tomorrow’s meetup? I hear you ask… Well, we’ll be in the Black Pig as per from 8:00 onwards, but don’t go traipsing up the stairs to the function room as we won’t be there. We’ll probably be in the ‘gallery’ area (raised section overlooking the stuffed Kudu on the wall as you walk in the main door), or if weather and seat allocation permits enjoying the sunshine in the back garden. If you’re a writer of any kidney living in or around Tunbridge Wells, why not stick your head in the door and say hello?


read words


Read Your Words. Gosh I need a haircut! 



Apr 072014

writerWell, a busy fortnight coming up for the TWW’s what with our meeting Tuesday, Word Up on Wednesday and Read Your Words at Javabean next week. If you fancy joining in the fun at any of those events we would love to see you.

Feb 242014

Heavens – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Another fortnight into 2014, and another Tuesday meetup for Tunbridge Wells Writers.

The usual formula: Kick off at 8:00pm at the Black Pig pub for the regular mix of literary chit-chat and waffle. If you’re a writer or would-be writer of any genre, style or discipline living in or around Tunbridge Wells why not come along and join us?

javabean teamAmong other things we will undoubtedly spend a bit of time discussing THIS and THIS. Talking of Open Mic nights (if you didn’t click the second ‘This’ link you might not be up to speed), a goodly gaggle of our writers had a literary outing last week to Javabean Cafe for Read Your Words. And a great evening it was too! There’s another Read Your Words event planned for April 15th, so any writers fresh to the group who fancy giving it a bash won’t have too long to wait. Additionally, details are currently being finalised for a special Read Your Words & Listen to Some Jazz event at Javabean as part of the Tunbridge Wells Forum’s UNFEST weekend. More details on that when we have ’em. We do like to keep ourselves busy, don’t we?

Oct 222013

It’s all in the blog title, really: the TWW’s will be meeting again tonight at the Black Pig from 8:00pm onwards. We’ve an extra meet Next Week, too, for Halloween, so no doubt much of tonight’s talk will centre on that. We are positively quivering with… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … anticipation.


Once our Halloween celebrations are out of the way we’ll be looking forward to getting stuck into our Christmas project. We’ll probably be talking about the remit for that, and the dreaded deadlines involved. We tend to be a bit like Douglas Adams as far as deadlines go – we love the whooshing sound they make as they go flying past.



A good number of  TWW’s are signing up for NaNoWriMo this year. For those who have never heard of NaNoWriMo, this is an annual event where would-be novelists sign up with the intention of producing a 50k + word count novel during the month of November. The emphasis is on producing a full first draft rather than part of a polished final one, which is certainly a discipline worth developing. Further details can be found HERE. Anyone who fancies pitching in will, I’m sure, find support, encouragement and advice available from those who have already signed up.

poetryThere are two poetry events worthy of note coming up in the next few weeks. The first is performance poetry by Malcolm Head for Breakfast at Trinity at the Trinity theatre on Saturday 26th. That’s this Saturday, so why not drop in for a cuppa and a rhyming couplet or two? Looking forward to November, there’s the next Word Up at the Forum on the 13th. It’s not a Friday, so Triskaidekaphobics need not worry themselves unduly about a ‘double-whammy’.

So that’s this week’s meet and a heads up / reminder about next week. If you’re a writer, whether for profit or pleasure, and you live in or around Tunbridge Wells you would be made very welcome.

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