Jun 102016

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Well, the title of this post pretty-much says it all – there’s a meetup on Tuesday night (14th), and another evening of open mic fun and frolics on Wednesday night (15th)!

java juneWe hope to see lots of our lovely regulars at both, but newcomers will be made extremely welcome too. Read Your Words, for the uninitiated, is a spoken word event held in Javabean cafe where you can meet and hear writers from not only the TWW collective but also from a variety of other local groups. It’s great fun, costs nowt, and you would be daft to miss it. For more details click HERE or on the lovely pink poster on the right:

Following on from discussions at our last couple of meetups we’re in the process of restructuring the “readings” part of our Tuesday night meetings. The general consensus was to restrict the number of readings to three slots, with the option to book a slot and share work in advance so that more in-depth feedback could be offered. So far there have been no takers for prebooked slots or file sharing, so they’re still up for grabs. Use the comments section below or Facebook to grab a slot. As discussed, priority will be given to first-timers or new readers, with a rolling first-come-first-served schedule for regular readers.

May 302016

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Yes, the next Tunbridge Wells Writers meetup is TOMORROW (Tuesday 31st May 2016). If you are reading this on Tuesday 31st May 2016 then it’s TODAY, so you had best get a wriggle on! If you’re reading it any time after the 31st May 2016 then have a look at the event calendar to see when the next one is…

We have had an incredibly busy and successful UNFEST, both in terms of the TWWs collective slot at the Museum/Art gallery on Saturday and as part of Word Up (kind of 😉 ) an hour or so later at the Forum. If I can blow a personal trumpet for a moment, the ‘stuff’ conceived by FESTFICTION (Carolyn Gray, Peppy Scott, blue arsed flySelf) for Perk and Pearl has been very well received, and Postcards from the Hedge has gathered momentum steadily in the Forum Garden. We’ve had some excellent bits and bobs, and look forward to sharing them somehow and somewhere sometime. You meet some really interesting people at TWWs – who knows where that might lead? Certainly to MORE TWWs at Unfest if nothing else. Continue reading »

May 142016

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Well another fortnight has flown by (Whoooosh!), and here we are again just days from another meetup. Usual time and place (8:00 / St John’s Yard) and usual drill of meet and greet in the bar before ambling through to the Library Room for about 8:15-8:30. If you’re a first-timer just ask the bar staff and they’ll point you in our direction, or use the contact form below if you’re a bit nervous about jumping right in and would prefer a more formal meet and greet.

This is the last meetup before UNFEST kicks off over the bank holiday weekend and we have SO MUCH going on for that I can’t keep up with it all! In a nutshell, though, there are spoken word opportunities at both The Tunbridge Wells Museum / Art Gallery and the Forum, as well as an art and words exhibit, One Day in May, from three TWW members at Perk & Pearl’s compact and bijou gallery in Grove Hill Road. Additionally, those involved in the Perk and Pearl exhibit have also coordinated an open-to-all collaborative project, Postcards From the Hedge, that will feed into and from the full range of music, art and spoken word events hosted at the Forum over the UNFEST weekend. Blimey we’re going to be busy!

All of that and much more will be on the agenda for Tuesday, as well as the usual mix of literary chat, cross-fertilisation (oh shush! *tsk*), and, erm, boozing. Yippee!


Fun starts at 1:00. Well, twelve, actually, but that didn’t rhyme. Our bit starts at 1:00 though!


Apr 302016

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Blah blah blah… Tuesday from 8:00pm, St John’s Yard

Blah blah blah… UNFESTTHIS

brocolli tree houseBlah blah blah… Updates on projects and stuff

Blah blah blah… Tons going on

Blah blah blah… Read Your Words was wonderful as per. More in June.

Blah blah blah… New members welcome

Blah blah blah blah blah…

Apr 162016


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A TWOFER this week for those who can get the necessary passes, with our regular meet on Tuesday and Read Your Words on Wednesday.

With the deadline for our collaboration with The Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Fair behind us, the main items on the group projects agenda will be the two UNFEST-related events, details of which can be found HERE . This might seem a while away, but these things have a habit of sneaking up on one, so please get submissions for either (or both!) to Carolyn as soon as possible so she can liaise with the Forum and Museum to get the live events organised.

Talking of deadlines, a reminder for all who read at Fright Nights II and III that I need your stories ASAP if we’re going to get them proofed, edited and formatted for the proposed e-book launch in September. Just bung them across to me via DMs on Facebook. The House Style Guide tells you how to set ’em out, and either Word doc or docx (or equiv for OO users) are the standard file types. Never EVER EVER submit PDFs, because as far as editing goes they’re a non-starter!

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Apr 032016

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Hey ho, here we are again just a few days from another exciting TWW’s meetup, and it promises to be another very full evening with all sorts of lovely stuff going on. First and foremost, we have Read Your Words coming up at Javabean in just a couple of weeks, so don’t forget to book the evening off from family commitments and get your spoken word freak on! Poetry, prose, and anything in between welcome, and if we’re really lucky maybe a new sketch or playlet from the Javabean Players!

unfest 2016The next big event on the TWW’s calendar is Unfest, where there will be more opportunities to Read Your Words, as well as to get involved with a collaborative art project with Kent Libraries and Museums. Full details are HERE, along with contact details for Carolyn (Gray) who will be coordinating all the different bits and bobs.

Talking of Kent Libraries etc., if you haven’t got your Tribal Poem in for our collaborative project with the Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Festival you’ve probably missed the boat. David Hensley will hopefully have an update for us on Tuesday, but all indications are the artists’ responses to our poetic prompts have been very encouraging.

I think that’s about it, but to be honest we’ve got so much bizzle going on right now I can’t keep up with it all! CU Tuesday, I hope. 🙂

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Mar 192016

text pic 1Something a little bit different in the mix this Tuesday with a Powerpoint presentation from member Glyn Harper to look forward to on various aspects of writing, editing, and getting published. A full outline of the presentation and discussion can be found HERE. All being well we will be kicking off at around 8:30 – 8:45, so don’t be late.

We’ve several projects and items of interest on the bubble at the moment (various art festivals / poetry readings, the proposed Fright Night II book, in-depth feedback sessions…), so hopefully there will be time for updates on the state of play with those too. Additionally, we can now confirm the next Read Your Words at Javabean date as April 20th, offering another delightful opportunity for open mic fun and games for one and all. Yippee!

glyn's talkFinally, please don’t forget that submissions for the Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Fair need to be in by the end of THIS MONTH! If you haven’t already got your finger out but are planning on getting your finger out then you had best get your finger out!

If you’re not a member of our group but feel you might like to be, please feel free to just pitch up and join in. Just click on a (highlighted) date on the event calendar, and you’ll find details of what, when and where we are doing things, together with directions for getting to us. If jumping in at the deep end is not your thing just drop us a message using the Contact Us page or the comments section below and we’ll keep an eye out for you and make some formal introductions.

Feb 212016

Announcement ClipartThe night we read our stuff out…

Yes, we did, thank you. It was at Javabean Cafe last Wednesday for Read Your Words, in case you were wondering. A nice turnout, as the gallery below shows, and wonderful poetry and prose from all those reading. And as if that wasn’t enough we also had our first group reading in the form of a short three-header script by Michael Benenson, performed by the man himself with able assistance from Christopher Hall and brave-but-enthusiastic Javabean first-timer Melissa-Jane Dalyanci (hereinafter referred to as The Tunbridge Wells Playas Players).  It was very, very good and heaps of fun. If you missed it you really should give yourself a kick up the bum. Continue reading »

Feb 072016



A quick callout for Tuesday when we’ll be up to all the usual stuff at the usual time in the usual place. For time and place (if you don’t know already) click on the event calendar for details. We’ll be in the bar from 8:00, then relocate to the Library Room (how very posh!) about fifteen minutes later. The “usual stuff” will include a reading and feedback session for those bringing work along, and updates on outstanding business like collaborative projects and ‘formal’ meets. If you’re a writery type in or near TW feel free to come along and give us a whirl – it costs nowt and is much more fun than sitting indoors wishing you had gone out somewhere.

See you there!

poetry night

PS: Don’t forget it’s Read Your Words on the 17th!

Jan 302016


Hi all –

A quiet meeting Tuesday, but hardly surprising given the vile weather etc! That said, even quiet meetings these days can be quite busy – about ten of us, I think.

Anyhoo – to business: We’ve got two “formals” (for want of a better term at this point) cued up for 23rd Feb and 2nd March. It was felt better to bite the bullet with the members who were there and set some firm dates than to procrastinate further. Hope all can see the thinking there. The two scheduled formals are:

  • 23rd Feb: Justin Richardson will be hosting a roundtable discussion to identify some group aims and objectives for the mission statement / manifesto / whatever the hell we decide to call it. These will then be incorporated into the website, along with some outlines on the differences between formal and informal meets (see previous proviso), so that potential new members will know what to expect. Bring pads and/or post it notes, and in the meantime feel free to share any initial thoughts with Justin either at the meetup on the 9th of Feb or via Facebook messaging.
  • 22nd March: Glyn Harper will be presenting a workshop on Planning & Structuring a Novel. The first part of the evening will include a Powerpoint presentation (we’ve asked – and the projector at SJY should enable this!) with Glyn sharing his own process, gleaned from a variety of professional resources and honed to his own needs. Following that we’ll be sharing our own methodologies (Ha!), because if one thing above all others is certain it’s that one person’s meat (or veggie-burger) will prove to be another’s poison!

The second – writing – half of Scott Kingsnorth’s Comedy Sketch Workshop has been provisionally pencilled in as April’s “formal”.

Announcement ClipartIn addition to above we had an excellent reading and feedback session, then some general chat focussing on the collaboration with SEEart proposed by David Hensley and the potential for “Jollies” to two local literary festivals (Chiddingstone / Rusthall) and one not so local (Suffolk). Blimey – how DO we pack it all in?

I’ve probably forgotten heaps, but for those who couldn’t make it for various reasons that’s the gist. Make sure you’re there on the 9th and we can get you up to speed properly.

Final thought: Don’t forget it’s Read Your Words on the 17th. Bring your words if you have them, yourselves if you don’t, and your friends and families in either event.

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