Nov 292015

santa advent calendarPinch, punch, first of the month, no returns!

In all fairness it would be perfectly reasonable for you to respond with a Pinch and a kick for being so quick, because I am writing this a full two days earlier than said 1st of month, but given that the meetup itself falls on that date and we’re also launching our annual Christmas Countdown I trust you will forgive my whatever-the-opposite-of-tardiness-is-ness.

Yes. Anyhow. We will be meeting at the usual place (St John’s Yard) at the usual time (8:00) for what will be, Christmas do aside, our final meetup of 2015. We would love it if you (yes you!) were to join us, particularly if you intend coming to the do on the 15th but have yet to pay your deposit or make your choices from the menu. I (David) will be there with spreadsheet in hand chasing any Johnny-Come-Lately buggers up for both, so be warned. Continue reading »

Sep 052015

header sketch


Brrrr… Bit nippy, ennit? Which only goes to emphasise, I suppose, that summer, at least as far as skool holidays go, is officially over. Which by extension means that the Tunbridge Wells Writers’ summer recess is over too and that it’s time to get back down to business. And what a lot of business there is!

First and foremost, then, our first “official” meetup of the new writing year will be happening on Tuesday: Usual time (8:00pm), usual place (St John’s Yard), and the usual mix of lively discussion with a smattering of readings and feedback. Subsequent meetings will be held fortnightly, and will alternate between informal meetings as above and more formal gatherings offering (e.g.) workshops, guest speakers, and structured writing tasks and objectives. It’ll probably take us a while to settle into the new routines and there will, of course, be a great deal of crossover, but it is hoped that all members will bear with us during the transition and benefit from the proposed changes.

cover 3 medium dropJust 23hrs after the start of that meet (that’ll be 7:00pm on Wednesday the 9th for those of you struggling with the maths!) we will be embarking on our first ever hard-copy Book Launch at Waterstones in Calverley Road. Full details of the event can be found HERE, and we hope to see many of you there. Continue reading »

Aug 262015


text pic 1… and we’ll soon be kicking waving our horrible little herbs darling wee children back through the gates as another school year begins.

Of course, with holidays out of the way we’ll also be resuming our own adult lives, including reconvening for more literary fun and frolics at St John’s Yard with our Tunbridge Wells writing chums. First meet of the season is Tuesday September 8th (as seen on our events calendar on the right), and we hope to see you there.

If you happened to glance at the calendar when parenthetically prompted to do so above you will have noticed that Wednesday the 9th is also highlighted. This is the launch date of our first hard copy publication Something in the Water, and we’d love to see you at Waterstones for that too. Details of the evening and where to purchase tickets etc can be found HERE.

In other news, we also plan to hijack a small area of hopefully-not-too-soggy grass at Local and Live this Saturday for a bit of a pic-a-nic. You should find some of us floating about any time from around 2:00 onwards, which is a bit casual as plans go I know, but we all have busy lives so it’s more of a drop-in-and-out-as-and-when kind of thing than a pic-a-nic per se. Let’s hope this very naughty rain we’ve been contending with for the past few days has done one by then, and that we get the righteous sunshine we deserve 🙂

Coming up later in September we have another Word Up event at the Forum and a Read Your Words at Javabean. I’ll post full details on the event calendar very soon.

back to skool

Jul 042015

While those above ground take a break from official meetups to make the most of our glorious summer the TWW Morlocks continue their back-breaking work in the dark and dripping tunnels beneath the Chalybeate Spring, keeping the wheels turning on the various projects we’ve been collectively working upon. Hot off the presses, then, is this collection of twelve short stories penned with younger readers in mind, available AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST WHATSOEVER! from our Smashwords page. Available in mobi (Kindle) and epub (just about everything else) formats  and even as a PDF file if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat, all it takes is a single click and you’re sorted for all of your summer reading needs.*

kids temp cover

In addition to Twelve Down the summer holiday period will also see the launch of our first hard copy collection Something in the Water in early August. We’ve not quite finalised the date yet, but cover 3 medium droprest assured we’ll post details in good time for you to book your seat at Waterstones and reserve your deluxe first edition copies of what promises to be the Christmas bestseller of the year**

As if that wasn’t enough, many of the TWW’s will also be contributing to the fabulous performance poetry event that is Word Up at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on July 29th, and we’ll also be gathering in force to picnic and partaaay in Calverley Grounds during the Local and Live music festival over the bank holiday weekend.

And as if that wasn’t enough wasn’t enough there is also talk of a Read Your Words at Javabean (though that may not come to fruition until September), as well as more unofficial meets (for those of us who can’t afford proper holidays) in the delightful gardens of St John’s Yard. Keep your eyes peeled for further details on all of the above both here and on our Facebook page


* Provided, that is, that the sum total of your summer reading needs is a dozen short stories for readers aged 12 Down.

** Shush.  

Jun 202015

closed signWell, as you can tell from the sign on the right we’re officially closed for business now while we take our summer hols. Hopefully we’ll all get lovely hot ones, and will meet up again in September beautifully but safely bronzed (don’t forget to pack the sunblock!) and champing at the bit to get the kids back to school and our heads down for some serious writing.

Of course two months is a long time to go without a literary fix, so many of us will undoubtedly be doing writery things on a more casual basis, including a Word Up poetry slam in the process of being scheduled for July 29th. There are also whispers of a possible Read Your Words at some point, and we will of course be hijacking the fabulous Local and Live music festival over the August Bank Holiday as a backdrop for our annual Picnic in the Park. Further details of these events – and any casual meetups members might arrange among themselves – will be posted here as they are finalised, but please also check the Facebook page, as this is where the unscheduled stuff will undoubtedly originate.

So that’s it for a while… Happy Holidays one and all, and see you all again in September.


Jun 152015


word up july 2015

Another busy one for the Tunbridge Wells Writers this week what with our meetup tomorrow at St John’s Yard (see poster at foot of page for details or click on the event calendar on the right) and a Word Up poetry slam at the Forum on Wednesday night. Not sure who, what, when and where but some of us will be at one or the other of the events and some of use will be at both, so why not come and meet us / join in?  We would love to meet you, and if you take an interest in writery things you would probably have a good time. Unless you’re a miserable bastard, in which case it’s probably better if you don’t bother ‘cos we’re quite a jolly lot and you would probably feel out of place. Probably.

Not a huge amount on the agenda for tomorrow other than a catch up on the state of play with our sketch writing project and our children’s short story collection, but there may well be a bit of reading going on (especially if people have word up stuff they want feedback on) and almost certainly some drinking and noisy-but-‘ighly-hinterlektual conversation going down.


May 312015


Well here we are again just a few days away from our next meetup – Tuesday 2nd, from 8:00pm at St John’s Yard as per. Between our last meeting and this one we had a little outing to Javabean Café for Read Your Words, and what a lovely evening it was too, with a mix of poetry and prose readings and some stuff in between that was neither fish nor fowl, as it were. I like to call it “prose poetry”, but that’s probably a bit of a stretch…

Anyhoo, it was a grand night out and made all the more enjoyable for some new faces and virgin readers, all of whom acquitted themselves splendidly, with not a single virgin sacrificed.

There will be more poetry and live readings (including some reet good proper performance poets from the London circuit) at Word Up later in the month, and several of the Tunbridge Wells Writers will undoubtedly be tossing their hats into the ring for the slam section of the evening. For those too lazy to click on (or too stooopid to have recognised) the link, that’s on the 17th at the Tunbridge Wells Forum. It’s also listed on the events Calendar in the R/H sidebar. It would be lovely if you joined us and the other poets and poetry lovers attending, whether as slammer or audience member.

Coming back to this Tuesday there are a couple of things on the agenda including updates on the status of our various projects. Those intending to contribute are reminded again that the closing caravandate for comedy sketch submissions is approaching fast. You have less than TWO WEEKS – to get your final drafts in, so get your fingers out and flying across your QWERTYS. You have to be in it to win it, and you’ll be kicking yourselves when you see our top prize of a LUXURY CARAVAN (courtesy of Jim Bowen’s “Bullseye”)* going to some undeserving chancer whose ideas were rubbish compared to yours but who managed to get them down on paper.

If you’re a writery type living in or around Tunbridge Wells we’d love to have you in our collective. Just roll up and introduce yourself at one of our fortnightly meetings and you’ll be certain of a warm welcome. Hope to see you soon.



* Winner collects from current location (Ryde, Isle of Wight). At own risk. The competition organisers take no responsibility for the actions of Edna and Wilf, current (illegal) occupiers of the property, or for their three “rare-breed-that-looks-ever-so-much-like-a-pitbull-but-isn’t” terriers.

Mar 212015

Well here we are again just a few days away from our next meetup. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? And talking of fun – oh what fun we’ve had since our last official meet, having been indulged with a fantastic evening of poetry, comedy, and open mic slamming courtesy of Word Up at the Tunbridge Wells Forum. We’ve more of that lined up on Saturday too, when we’re off en masse to see the inimitable John Cooper Clarke at the Assembly Hall. Well, I say ‘inimitable’ but that may just be me… I never was very good at accents even when the homage poem demands it, as those who heard my JCC homage poem at Word Up can attest.

But I digress – that’s not until Saturday and we’ve got a whole evening of wonderfulness on Tuesday to look forward to before then. If you live in or around our neck of the woods and you’re interested in writing on any level, why not come and join in? Whatever your genre or area of interest you’ll find us at St John’s Yard from 8:00pm onwards, and we would love you to be there too. Find us in the bar if you arrive before eight, or in the ‘Red Room’ if you arrive a little later. Just ask the bar staff and they’ll point you in the right direction.

chuckles ad



Mar 062015

Yet another busy week for the Tunbridge Wells Writers with two consecutive nights out on the cards. The first is our usual Tuesday night meetup at St John’s Yard, and we’ll be there from 8:00pm onwards doing our thing. This will include updates on our Writers of Tunbridge Wells project (nearly there now) and small talk – serious and not so serious – regarding various aspects of writing, literature and the publishing industry. We’ll also be drinking BEER and WINE. Some of us more than others (no names no pack drill)… Non-alcoholic beverages are available from the bar on request, I’ve heard, but I cannot personally vouch for this.  If you live in or near Tunbridge Wells and have an interest in writing why not join us? It’s certainly more fun than sitting in and watching the crap they put on TV these days.

Our second excursion of the week will be to Word Up at the Tunbridge Wells Forum – an evening of top-notch performance poetry from Rob Auton and Spliff Richards. Some of our number will probably be throwing their hats into the ring for the poetry slam that kicks the evening off. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, but I have a couple of options typed up and ready to go, the first being a lyrical poem in the classical Greek trochaic mode exploring aspects of romantic love in the 21st century and the second a limerick about a young man from Nantucket. As always, I will make my final decision about which to read on the night, after careful assessment of the audience. Word Up is a great night out if you like a bit o’ performance poetry and a cheap ‘un to boot – especially if you slam and save a couple of quid on the regular entry fee of a (paltry) fiver.

So that’s it: that’s what we’re up to mid-week, what about you? Feel free to join us. We’ll make you very welcome. You can be the meat in our best friend sandwich.


 A weasel on a woodpecker – how very topical!

Feb 242015

javabean feb 2015

Last Wednesday evening a goodly gaggle of Tunbridge Wells Writers attended Read Your Words at Javabean Cafe in Tunbridge Wells. This isn’t a ‘TWW’s’ event – it’s an open mic evening for all comers – but it is an event we’ve been involved in since its inception, and last Wednesday was no exception. That said, last week’s event was particularly enjoyable not only for the diversity of readings on offer – everything from poetry through to short stories and blogs with a smattering of life writing thrown in – but also for the number of new voices and faces adding themselves to the chorus.

As you can see from the image above it was a packed house, and there was also a fair sized fan club of supporters positioned behind the camera. A triumph all round, then, and an evening that bodes exceedingly well for next month’s Word Up at the Tunbridge Wells Forum, where some of us will be slamming alongside a couple of top notch performers from the UK poetry circuit. Not bad, eh, and an absurdly cheap night out considering the caliber of performers on offer. All that, AND a Jolly Boys outing to see the wonderful, inimitable Mr John Cooper Clark doing his wonderful, inimitable thing at the Assembly Hall at a specially negotiated discounted group rate.

At this point it would probably be pertinent to advise that the group is not all about poetry and performance. Oh dear no, that is but the tip of an exceedingly mahussive creative iceberg that lurks beneath the deceptively calm surface like a… like a… erm… like a mahussive submerged creative iceberg.

If writing is your thing, whatever your genre or discipline and whatever your level of experience, we would love you to be part of oposs cover edit small copyur collective. Our next meeting is tomorrow night, and as well as patting ourselves on the back re all of the above we’ll undoubtedly be discussing the imminent launch of our new publication Something in the Waterposs cover edit small.poss cover edit small

If you feel like joining us, just click on tomorrow’s date on the events calendar on the right for directions to St John’s Yard. We’ll be there from around 8:00pm and it would be great if you were too.

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