Do you smell fumes?
Do you have trouble breathing?
Is your drinking water pure?
Do you suffer skin irritations?
Do you awake and find you’ve missed whole days?

‘I was a 16 year old beauty pageant champion. By the age of 19, I was married, pregnant and the ravages of time were taking their toll on my natural youthfulness. That is when I began to use synthetic youth preservers to restrict the natural course of time. On my 26th birthday, my body went into cardiac arrest and the medical professionals told me it was stress related but I knew they were wrong. Peter’s methods and teachings have saved my life.’ Carol from Santa Barbara, CA

‘Throughout my teenage years, I found myself feeding my natural urges in unnatural ways. Some might say I over-indulged. I lived every day as though it were my last until one day it almost was. It was January 3rd when I realised I could not remember the 1994 Holiday season at all. I quickly became intolerant to the negative forces around me until Peter showed me the light. For short stretches of time I can function without my full body protective outfit.’ Lester from Oakland, CA

‘Wrenwood has been my home for the last 10 years and I was an early adopter of the programme. I was diagnosed as HIV positive in the Spring of ’87 and instantly felt as though the artificial chemicals I was prescribed disturbed my body and its natural balancing techniques. The enveloping sparsity of my sanctuary has helped countless individuals overcome debilitating Environmental Illnesses. Together, we can heal.’ Peter from Wrenwood, CA

Free from the penetrating chemicals polluting contemporary America, Wrenwood is your one-stop solution to complete peace of body and mind.

Are you allergic to the 20th Century?

This Christmas, give the gift of purity, give the gift of happiness, give the gift of Wrenwood.

Written by Liam Rogers from the key word Overindulgence

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  1. I found the 20th century brought me out in hives, but have had to equip myself with an EpiPen for the 21st. Can Wrenwood help?

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