Remember That



Subject: Thinking of you

Remember that evening last December? We drank too much wine and held hands with our two fists stuffed in your coat pocket because we didn’t have gloves. It was the first night that it felt really cold. Toes tingling, eyes watering, feels-like-the-inside-of-your-nostrils-might-be-making-icicles-when-you-breathe-in cold. The kind of cold that makes petrol exhaust smell different – I can’t explain how, but it’s true. Smell it! Anyway, I remember saying that despite the cold it didn’t feel like Christmas because we didn’t have snow. You assured me it would and then pointed at the moon, which was almost full and shining like a marble in the sky. You said, “Do you see that?”

I didn’t see it. Not at first, anyway. But then I followed your finger and squinted my eyes and I could see it. The ring around the moon! The ring faded and then became bright again, faded and then bright, faded and then bright, like a heartbeat. I asked if was a sign from aliens, which made you laugh and your breath came out in puffs of cloudy respiration.

“No, not aliens,” you said. “It’s a winter halo.”

We went home after that. You collapsed in the bed and I tucked in next to you and watched the moon through the window until my eyes closed. When they opened, it was snowing and it felt like Christmas.

I saw a winter halo around the moon last night, too. I was wearing mittens and walking home from the pub where I spent the evening with friends. I stood in almost the exact place we did and watched the halo fade in and out, in and out, in and out, like a heartbeat. There wasn’t any snow on the ground when I awoke this morning. But I haven’t stopped hoping.

Remember that.

Written by Kate Sims from the keyword Snow

  2 Responses to “Remember That”

  1. What no snow! Now I feel sad 🙁 Lovely piece Kate, there is so much packed in to your words.

  2. Wrap up warm, and don’t forget to keep those TINY ears covered! 🙂

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