Away in a Manger – A Christmas Carol


‘Class, you are going to write a Christmas play. You may choose one partner to write it with and then turn a Christmas carol into your play,’ Mrs Marsh said to her year two class who sat in silence.

Hannah grabbed Bertie quickly. ‘Be my partner,’ she whispered in his ear. He nodded before Mrs Marsh told them off.

Within a few minutes Mrs Marsh had dished out pieces of paper and a list of carols they might like to choose from. Hannah and Bertie giggled as they looked down the list. ‘Lets do three kings’ Bertie said, ‘I like drawing crowns.’

‘Let’s do Away in a Manger, we can do the baby Jesus, I think he’s a bit like my brother Joel, that’s sounds like Noel,’ Hannah replied and burst into laughter.

‘Joel is a Noel,’ Bertie said. ‘Ok, shall we draw pictures first or writing?’ he asked Hannah, who was always good at making decisions.

‘Let’s write first as it’s really boring then we can draw pictures and use my new pencils to colour them in,’ she suggested, getting out her pencil case to sharpen her pencils. They both really liked drawing, Bertie agreed with her.

‘So where shall we start?’ he asked.

‘At the beginning, silly. Let’s start with Mary and Joseph who are going to ride the donkey to get to that inn,’ said Hannah.

“Will you do the writing?’ Hannah asked Bertie. “Only yours is neater than mine and we do want the gold stars for this.” Bertie agreed.

Scene 1
The Angel Gabel came to see Mary in a dream.

Mary: Hello Gabel, What are you doing here?
Gabel: I have come to tell you, you are going to have a baby.
Mary: Ok. How long will you be here?
Gabel: About 4 hours.
Mary: When shall I have the baby?
Gabel: Soon, you need to take Joseph to Bethlehem.
Mary: That’s good then we will take the donkey.

The Angel went away.

Mary: I am going to have a baby, we need to be counted.
Joseph: Then I will get the donkey and we will go to Bethlehem.

Scene 2
Mary and Joseph were going to Bethlehem for a counting.

Mary: Have you packed your pants Joseph?
Joseph: Yes Mary I have packed your pants.
Mary: I think that the cat is going to have kittens.
Joseph: Don’t worry; I have packed the cat basket.
Mary: I think I need to go to the loo.
Joseph: Here is some tissue for you.

Scene 3
They arrived in Bethlehem.

Joseph: I will go and look and see if we can stay at this inn.
Mary: That’s good, I am very hungry.
Joseph: Do you want some kit kat?
Mary: Yes please can I have 2 bits?

Joseph asked at the inn for a room.

Joseph: Mary there is no room in the inn.
Mary: I will have to have the baby in a stable.
Joseph: it’s ok, it’s nice and warm.
Mary: The cat can have her kittens here too.

Mary had the baby and called him Jesus.


Hannah and Bertie were really pleased with their play. They gave it to Mrs Marsh.

“Well done, you two, you can have a gold star for finishing it so quickly.” She took the play and read it to herself. A large smile spread over her face. Only two 7 year olds could make the cat and her kittens more important than baby Jesus, but then to young children Cats and Kittens were somewhat more appealing than babies, even at Christmas time.

Written by Katherine Loverage from the key phrase Christmas Carols

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  1. ahh lovely kate x

  2. thank you very much guys

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. Love this, so cute!

  5. yep mary did have a baybee and his name was the baybee jeeesus ‘cos we did lern about it in misses breezes clarss and there was a cammel and a flok of sheep and a ass which issent rude its like a donky and a star. Yep its trew… 😉

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