TWW Project for December 2015: To Paraphrase Mr Holder…


Christmaspresent1It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!


And as is usual for this very special time of year the Tunbridge Wells Writers invite you, the Tunbridge Wells Writers, to put pen to paper for our annual Christmas project.

In keeping with the past two years our aim once again is to collate 24 pieces of writing to be posted on the website between December 1st and Christmas Eve. Our theme this year, as suggested by Karen Tucker, is “Presents”: a single word prompt which contributors are free to interpret and explore in whatever written form they fancy. Be it poetry, prose or script, fiction, non-fiction or memoir there will be room for all, so thinking caps on, quills out, and get scribing. Authors will of course retain all rights to their contributions.


  • There is a clear deadline on this (obviously!) and those who pledge pieces will need to deliver in good time. We would hope to have all pieces in by November 30th, but there is a teeny bit of leeway for those pieces appearing online nearer to Christmas Eve. Please consider though that some poor sod(s) will have to edit and format the pieces (nothing drastic – just the weeding out of errant apostrophe’s* etc) and get them up on the website for scheduled publishing, so THE SOONER THE BETTER would be a good rule of thumb. Mid-November would be lovely. This will also provide more time for rethinking should we end up with any duplications: two people writing about the puppy they always wanted but never got would probably be okay with enough space between the posts, but a dozen might be pushing it a bit!
  • There’s no minimum word count, but an upper word count of around 1000 words will keep things neat, tidy and accessible for readers.
  • We will need illustrations to accompany the pieces. It would be useful (and more fun!) if contributors provided their own, but if not they can take potluck with whatever rights-free images we can find online.
  • Submissions should be Word doc or similar. NO PDF FILES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!


Please register interest in the project initially by contacting Karen Tucker or David Smith. The easiest way to do that is via the group’s Facebook page and a Direct Message, but you could also use the Contact Form / Comments area at the foot of this post. We’ll keep track of the numbers and keep you all updated.

While duplications are unlikely it would be useful for editors to know a bit about your planned submission. This will also help to ensure that we don’t get the same types of writing (i.e. poetry, memoir, flash-fiction…) appearing on consecutive days. Useful information would include literary form / genre; the nature of the present being written about; whether a gift given or received; whether wanted or unwanted, wished for but never received; whether the gift lived up to expectations; (etc, etc)…

Submissions are most easily shared as Direct Message attachments to Karen or David on Facebook, as we have yet to find a suitably robust plug-in for the site. Alternatively, you could contact us using the comments form below and then send by e-mail. You can also sign up at the Meetup on Tuesday 17th, but horrifyingly that is the LAST one before we hit the November 30th deadline – so don’t forgot!

presents*See what I did there?



  7 Responses to “TWW Project for December 2015: To Paraphrase Mr Holder…”

  1. Hello, Karen and David –

    Duologue sent already to David, entitled ‘The Gift Shop’ – please confirm you’ve received it. Also like to join all on the 15th of Dec. Best, aye – Michael

    PLEASE NOTE I am not a Facebook user and would be grateful for email contact instead. Ta, M

    • Yes, all present and correct, Michael! I’ve also added you to the xmas DO list and confirmed all by e-mail 🙂

  2. I’m up for it. Can the present turn nasty? I’m deeply into Dickens Christmas nasty story mode (with no wimping out like Ebeneezer Scrooge).

  3. hello
    Yes Ill send a contribution, the theme would be presents not received.

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