UNFEST 2016!


Well, it’s almost that time of year again, and down at our joint-favourite open mic venue The Forum they’re gearing up for the annual May Bank Holiday Weekend Unfest. That busiest of busy bees, Carolyn Gray, has been as busy as a, erm, bee on our behalf, and we’ve got a rather delicious Unfest project to sink our teeth into. This is it:


(Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival)
Saturday 28th May 2016


doll's house1pm at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery: “Dolls, Museums and Art”.

Starting on 28th April, the exhibition will be ‘Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern’ featuring The Sussex Arms pub. Further details can be found HERE

The Museum is keen to link up with The Sussex Arms during the exhibition for assorted events; one will be ‘Unfest at The Museum’ from noon until 3pm. The idea is to bring performers from Unfest, into the art gallery space.

We have been given half-an-hour, from 1pm to 1.30pm, to read poems or very short pieces on the topic(s) “Dolls, Museums and Art”. As it will be daytime Saturday, expect children to be present, so subject matter must be suitable for all to hear. Maximum of 5 minutes each, and I would prefer lots of short pieces, with people ‘popping up’ and reading in rotation, rather than one person reading for 5 minutes non-stop.

Due to the limited time slot, if over-subscribed, I will submit all pieces to the Museum and let them choose which go into the half-hour.

Please can you send me entries by Friday 13th May, subject ‘MUSEUM’. It would help if you time how long it takes YOU to read it, and add that at end.

I would prefer them sent as documents by email to: twitterfortww@gmail.com


unfest 2016Thank you

Carolyn Gray

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