What’s that Noddy? It’s CHRIIIIIISTMAS? Oh, okay…


Well, Noddy Holder’s another year older and it’s that time of year again… Well almost. Of course, if we left it until the day itself to announce our Christmas Countdown project it would be too late to do anything about it, which is why I’m mentioning the “C” word in (god forbid!) September.

So, cutting to the chase, Christmas – or whatever your favourite non-denominational term for that specific period of time on and around the winter solstice – will soon be upon us again, and it’s time to start thinking about putting pen to paper in readiness for our annual advent calendar. This year’s theme has been proposed by Sue Marlow, and takes the first line of Terry Pratchett’s yuletide offering, Hogfather, as its inspiration. What you make with that first line (story, poem, life-writing, playlet, historical essay…) is entirely up to you, just so long as Mr Pratchett’s opening line is your opening line. And just what is that opening line, I hear you ask? Patience, Patience… All in good time… …

Oh alright then. It’s:

  • Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree.

So there you have it. Whether this year’s offering will be a full twenty-four window advent calendar or a funsize  “12 days of…” remains to be seen, but individual pieces are best kept to around 500-750 words max. There’s no lower limit, so if Haiku are your thang then feel free to have a gu tu. If oversubscribed we may combine shorter pieces so everyone gets a go, but either way we will aim to showcase individual writers to best advantage within that framework. Let Sue or me (David) know if you intend submitting, and we’ll keep you updated regarding the final format and available slots.


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