Merry Christmas!

Not quite there yet, but close enough for Tuesday’s meetup to be our last for 2018. We’ll be back in the New Year, but we’re not quite sure when yet. In a nutshell, several of our regulars find themselves in the enviable position of having so much writery stuff on their plates that putting two evenings aside a month has become a bit of a stretch, and after due consideration we’ve decided to go monthly with our meetups rather than fortnightly as has previously been the case. This has been on the cards for a while, as evidenced by our many off-piste adventures at the theatre and to other word-related events, and a fresh start in 2019 seems the ideal opportunity to make it official.

We’re not sure at this stage which Tuesday of the month will prove the most generally accessible, but chances are it will be the second. We will keep you posted, though, and update the calendar accordingly when the final decision has been made.

In other news there will be a Christmas VOICES event at Javabean Cafe on December 20th. Voices has evolved into something very special indeed, and the Christmas Special looks set to be even bigger and better. Heaven knows how we’re going to cram it all in! We’ll do our utmost, though. Full details can be found on the Voices Website and/or Facebook page, but the poster below should give you a good idea of what it’s all about.


Well, meetup and voices aside that about wraps things up for 2018 and this blog. Have lovely ones all, and may your seasonal celebrations, whatever their flavour, be merry and bright.  C’mon now, don’t be shy: pucker up!


christmas voices

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