Happy New Year!

A couple of days late but no less heartfelt for that…

As mentioned in previous dispatches we realised that with all the other lovely writery bits and bobs we have going on formal fortnightly meetups are becoming a bit impractical. While we will keep members up to speed on those other bits and bobs as and when, formal meetups will now be scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month and listed in the sidebar as events rather than keeping the increasingly misleading calendar there. Given that the first Tuesday of the new year was new year’s day itself we felt members might like an extra week’s grace to get themselves fully revved up, so having established the new rule we’re going to immediately break it by setting the date of our first 2019 meetup as Tuesday 15th at the usual venue.

Between that date and our February meetup some of us will be attending (and reading) at Harry Barden’s launch for his poetry collection Chaos and Order, co-hosted by our lovely friend Debbie at Javabean. That’s Wednesday 30th if performance poetry is your thing, and if you fancy getting up and reading something yourself word has it there will be a bit of an open mic too. We’ll have more extra-curricular stuff coming up in February and March, so do check back regularly to get the skinny on that. 😀

white rabbit

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