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Whether you’re a writer or a reader, whether you like fiction or non-fiction, whether you’re from Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge or Timbuktu, we’d love you to get involved. Read and comment on our blog, join this site or our Facebook group to receive news and updates,  contact us to give feedback and suggestions, or even take the plunge and come along to one of our meets and try to get a word in edgeways.

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In Person: If you live in West Kent or the more easterly bit of East Sussex and would like to meet up to talk writing, editing, publishing and more, why not come along to one of our meets? We’re sporadically entertaining and mostly harmless.

We meet every other Tuesday at 20:00 in the St. John’s Yard public house, St. John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells. Check our event calendar on the right for specific dates and for details of other events we’re involved in.


18 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I’m interested in coming along to one of the meets but I’m only 16 and I don’t know if your looking for members that young. In any case, I’m very interested in meeting other writers and hopefully sharing some of my work so if you could let me know whether or not that would be possible it would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Laura –
      We’ve never really thought about age limits! You would be the youngest there, but if you can live with that and are happy to help some of the other members with their zimmer-frames etc you would be more than welcome. Coincidentally, we’ve just had a chap called Will who’s your age contact us re the Word Up event tonight, so you may find yourself only the second-youngest on comparing DOBs. Meetings are ‘officially’ done now until September 8th, but a smaller group will be meeting casually at the same venue (St John’s Yard) between times. If you fancy some ‘Writers Lite’ during the skool hols just check the Facebook page for dates.

      • Hello David,
        Thank you! I may come along to the September 8th meeting if I can – the zimmer-frames aren’t a problem for me. I look forward to meeting you.

      • And we you, Laura. Give us a heads up if you’re going to make it a day or so before and we’ll keep an eye out for you at the bar to help ease you into the group. We’re a friendly lot, but we know it can be quite daunting walking into a room full of new people for the first time… 😀

      • You’re welcome whenever, Laura! Or for Read Your Words / Word Up if either takes your fancy. You’ll find all the dates we’re doing stuff in bold on the events calendar. Hope to see you soon 🙂

    • From one old duffer to another, you wouldn’t be the first! Glad you made it, Mick. We hope you enjoyed it and to see you again soon. 🙂

  2. Hi

    I’m 27 years old, have lived in Tunbridge Wells area for about three years, and haven’t written since I was a teenager. I was hoping I could pop along to your next meeting on 19/4/16 – what’s the format, is it just a few friendly pints, or do people bring material etc along? Because I’ve got nothing!

    • Hi Alex – You would be very welcome to pop along to our next meeting, and there’s absolutely NO requirement to bring anything along for reading! We usually have a bit of reading at the top of a meetup, but the ‘social’ is equally important, and in-depth feedback / critique is generally offered on a more intimate basis through networking / Dms etc. So feel free to pitch up empty handed and go with the very relaxed and easy flow! There are also a host of ongoing projects we’re involved in, so IF any take your fancy you may feel that teenage itch for writing gets just the scratch it needs to start bothering you again…

      • Hi David

        Still planning on coming along tonight. How do I recognise you all? Any distinctive peg legs or bowler hats etc?

  3. Hi,

    I’ve just recently moved down to the Tunbridge Wells area and would be interested in attending your upcoming meeting on Tuesday (6/9).

    Just wondered if there is anything I need to bring with me or any preparations I need to make if I was interested in joining you guys?

    • Hi Ita –
      No, no need to bring anything other than yourself! Joining is just a matter of showing up; no subs or anything like that, and no need to have a prepared piece for reading. In fact THIS Tuesday is a readings-free night so we can all get back into the swing after the summer holidays, so just networking, chat and social. If you fancy joining us we’ll be in the bar from about 8:00 and then in the function room from about 8:15 or so – the bar staff will point you in the right direction. If you let us know here or via our facebook page beforehand we’ll keep an extra vigilent eye out for you. Look forward to meeting you soon 🙂

      • Yeah, should be there tomorrow for 8pm unless something urgent stops me which I don’t currently foresee. Hopefully it will be easy to recognise me as I will be the black guy wearing glasses when coming in.

      • Okey dokey! Carry a rolled up telegraph too just in case there’s a sudden influx of black guys wearing glasses! We’ll keep an eye out for you 🙂

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