David Smith

I’m David, and I write a bit quite a bit. I’m also a single dad to a teenage boy, and have a surprising amount of hair left, considering. I’ve recently completed a degree in Literature and Creative Writing with the OU and am now wondering what to do with it. Ultimately I hope it will help me to make a living by tapping a keyboard with my left and right forefingers. (I do have other fingers, by the way, in case you’re imagining some sort of horrific blender/lawnmower incident, they’re just not fingers that can apply themselves to typing, despite many hours spent in the delightful company of Ms Beacon.)

Mostly I write short stories or poems (mostly they come at night… mostly…), many of them for children. Some of these, along with articles and other bits and bobs, have been published in various magazines and periodicals, and I’ve recently become involved in performance poetry at a number of local events. I’ve got plans for all sorts: scripts, novels – even a stage musical – but I’m an expert procrastinator and easily distracted. My website, Lovely2CU, has a few samples of my stuff, along with a blog full of old waffle on whatever happens to take my fancy at any particular time. The blog, and the pages filed under ‘miscellany’, will reveal much about my SOH. Whether it’s a ‘G’ SOH or not will be a pretty subjective call, so no worries if you think it trite shite or McGonagall doggerel.

That’s me, you’re you, I hope you enjoy Tunbridge Wells Writers…

My website is at: lovely2cu.wordpress.com/

You can follow me on Twitter at: @oddlyactive

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