Karen Tucker

Karen Tucker has been writing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper (she was probably making up stories while still in the womb!). She was inspired as a child by such classics as the Bunny annual and a wonderful, magical children’s novel called The Land of Green Ginger, bought for her as a Christmas present by a prescient teacher, when Karen was still in infants school.

Her short ghost story, Full Circle, was published many years ago by the New Writers, and is now available in the second of her ghost/horror story collections, Horripilations Volume 2 (available on Amazon). Most of the stories in the first Horripiliations collection have been expanded upon in her two collections known as Liberty Gibbens, Ghost Whisperer (also available on Amazon).

Karen also has a collection of short stories for the more squeamish, available for purchase on the ubiquitous Amazon, entitled Stories to Warm Your Heart.

Being a relatively recent arrival in Tunbridge Wells, Karen began her writing group life in Maidstone, and one of the stories written for that group, The Skylight Room, was published last year in the charity collection, Something to Take on the Trip (you guessed it – available on Amazon!).

Karen’s other major publication is the only full-length novel she has finished both writing and editing. Healing the Wounds is a semi-autobiographical novel based around many of the past life experiences she has become aware of from her own past, and was originally written for NaNoWriMo in 2011. Finding that the ‘prize’ for completing 50,000 words in a month included 5 free copies of her novel, she published the finished book with CreateSpace, listed it on Amazon, and the rest, as they say, is history. She has started a sequel, but like so many of her other story ideas, it is currently on the back burner.

She has recently undertaken a course on Writing Story Books for Children, and is working on a 2-book children’s fantasy series. Other writing projects include a spiritual novel series, in collaboration with a friend in America, and many stories that have been started but not yet finished. As she also does crafting, photography and holistic therapies, she’s not sure when any of the above projects (except the collaborative one) will see the light of day!

Karen has a website at www.karentucker.me.uk, a Twitter account as @KarenTWriter, a Facebook webpage at https://www.facebook.com/Karen.Tucker., and is always happy to hear from readers or fellow writers. Her blog (updated occasionally) can be found on her author page on Goodreads HERE

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