Mick Canning

Writing was the first creative activity that I ‘seriously’ took to (at least, as far as I can remember!). During my childhood I used to write short stories and poems that I would read aloud to my parents, and then submit to my junior school magazine. They were kind enough to publish a few of these, possibly to keep me quiet.

But I always loved reading.

Throughout my life I have had to find some way of expressing my thoughts in a creative way. Often, I painted. I have also turned my hand to wood carving and print making. Another obsession has been India. After my first visit there, I spent a frustrating period attempting to find a way of adequately expressing my feelings and impressions of the country, and found that I had not the skills at the time to do them justice in writing either prose or poetry, although I felt that I came close. It was then that I began a long series of paintings on India that occupied me for a number of years.

I always kept a notebook, even when I wasn’t seriously writing, whether it was just to put down ideas for paintings, thoughts to power my rants, short poems, or ideas that I hoped to eventually work into stories. Looking back, it seems that, one way or the other, I have always been writing.

Being quite good at Trivial Pursuit and having a head stuffed full of odd facts that are of little use anywhere else, I eventually decided that the best thing I could do was to become a writer.

When not writing, I scrape a living as an outdoor activities instructor and mull over the meaning of life with the odd pint of ale.

My website is: http://mickcanning.co

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