Peter Seal

I was brought up within a family business. I passed to go to grammar school, but education never took precedence over the family business, and I left school at 16 with no qualifications. I became an apprentice in a garage, and went to college for one day a week, and finished that phase of my life teaching maths and science, engineering and physics. My background being scientific rather than artistic has left me with an analytical approach to almost everything.

Fifteen years ago, I reached a stage of realising – unconsciously if not consciously – that my life was not working. I had lots of left brain logic, but not much right brain perception. I began to read about all aspects of psychology, philosophy and spirituality, and I have not stopped!

I am a qualified teacher and a Master Practitioner of NLP, having covered Time line Therapy and Hypnotherapy on the way through.

From 1987 I worked in London – as a programmer, software developer, project manager and product manager. That role was made redundant in 2001. Since then I have been asked back on a regular basis, amongst other things, to deliver training courses in interpersonal skills and communication, together with coaching and mentoring sessions. I returned full time and for the last four years I provided support, information and advice to employees of major companies.

NLP and the ideas presented in Conversations with God (CWG) seem to come from opposite ends of the spectrum – NLP is an analysis of human behavior, and CWG is about spiritual growth. These apparently diverse philosophies have much in common. They are both concerned with the power of our beliefs, and their influence on our behaviors. My scientific, analytical, psychological and spiritual background I believe uniquely qualifies me to write this book.

Merging these two philosophies has been a wonderful and enlightening process. I started to write these ideas down ‘in order that my children might know what their father thought’. Those writings have been restructured to form what is, I believe (well I would, wouldn’t I!) a unique book.

My website is at:

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