Roz Dace

I wrote my first poem when I was nine years old, about a ridiculously tall woman and an extremely short man who married in Bognor and bore hundreds of kids who all had short, fat legs and hardly any skin. Why? I haven’t a clue…even in those early years my writing circled around the unusual, the bizarre, the fantastic and the completely bonkers.

The tragic loss of my father when I was a teenager catapulted me out to Paris, so I parle Francais un peu. From there I returned to join the Harlech Television’s production team in Cardiff, then upon moving to Tunbridge Wells I settled down to work with art and craft publishers Search Press who are based in this fine town. After many years as their editor, then Editorial Director, I took recent retirement, and now freelance as their Consultant Editor, commissioning mostly art and textile books for international markets with the in-house team.

Nothing has changed much since my early scribblings. With a life-long love of children’s literature, folklore, myths and legends added to the bonkers brew, writing is, and always has been, an obsessional joy.

Recently, some of my shorter poems have been published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in their publication The Dawntreader, a magazine that specialises in myths, legends, nature, spirituality and the mystic. It is the perfect home for what I do, although the recent dip into Fright Night and unfamiliar short story horror writing may have ignited a dark spark!

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