Beta Readers…

At a recent meetup Mick Canning suggested an area of the website dedicated to connecting potential beta readers with members of the group requiring their services. We’ve always done this informally at meetups, but a page promoting and encouraging a wider, more organised “service” makes good sense. So here’s Mick’s outline of what Beta Reading entails, and there’s a comments box at the bottom for people to post their interest. I’ll keep an eye on the comments box and flag any material that pops up to the reading list…

‘Lovely Rita Beta Reader’ so sang Paul McCartney, or at least he did until his beta reader got hold of it. ‘What a load of crap!’ he was told, and so he changed the lyrics to ‘Lovely Greta Beta Reader.’

The beta reader emigrated.

‘What a coincidence! I need a Beta Reader!’ I hear you cry. Well, look no further, or no further than this little corner of the website, anyway. For here you may post requests for beta readers for your fragile infants. Just leave a note of the genre, and approximate length of the opus, and we will endeavour to put you in touch with Rita. Or Greta. Or failing that, one of our members who, by lucky chance, may post their names on that other little corner of the website, just over there, if they are happy to cast an eye over your opus.

For anything of or approaching novel length, the expectation is that you will be happy to reciprocate with an opus of their own. Otherwise, your reader will do it because they are nice.

So at least buy them a drink at the next meeting.        

[Mick Canning, Jan 2017]



One thought on “Beta Readers…

  1. Well, damn it, I’ll be the first to post here, then. Beta readers wanted for a clutch of short stories to make up a forthcoming book, Several different genres, lengths varied – between about 600 words and 14,000 words. Willing to offer alcohol in return (and gratitude)!

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