Nutjobs: Generating Ideas for Comedy Sketches.

NUTJOBS: A Sketch Writing Game


People think punchlines are hard. Well they are easy compared to premises.

This is a fun little game to help generate ideas for sketches.  All you need is; a couple of sheets of paper, a pair of scissors, a pen and two empty tubs. Like these.nutjobs 1

Now on one sheet of paper list as many JOBS you can think of. Try to list unusual and exotic jobs as well as the sort of jobs you see every day. EG: Marine biologist, Zookeeper, Auctioneer, traffic warden, teacher, etc, etc. Then cut the list of jobs up and put them in one of the tubs.nutjobs2

On the second piece of paper list as many ADJECTIVES you could use to describe people as you can. Now don’t put bland things like “tall”. Try to make these adjectives a bit extreme, they should be more like character traits. So try to put things like; Kleptomaniac, nervous, bull headed, squeamish, naive, forgetful, etc, etc. Then, like the last time, cut this list up and put it in the second tub.nutbobs 3I am sure you are ahead of me now, but I will continue to explain anyway.
Take your two tubs and draw a piece of paper from each, then write a sketch based on the two words you have removed. Nine times out of ten you’ll get something usable.nutjobs4

THE POSSESSED TAXI DRIVER: A Taxi Driver freaks out his fair in the back seat as evil demons possess him in heavy traffic.

THE “KNOW IT ALL” COWBOY: A nerdy, know all, Cowboy gets so concerned with telling people that they are doing things wrongly that he doesn’t notice that he’s got himself into a gun fight.nutjobs 7

What you always seem to get is a crazy man/sane man sketch. So it may not be a game to be used all the time or your work may become a bit repetitive, but it will get you writing again. Even if it’s not the best sketch you’ve ever written it may spark another idea for a different and better sketch.

If you fancy giving this a go without the hassle of cutting up strips of paper and finding two mugs there is now a virtual NUTJOBS GENERATOR available on my website.

Happy writing!


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